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Hi there! I'm Laetitia and I have a passion for filming and creating stories through images.

I know you already have a photographer (or two) with you throughout the day and that's why I like my videography style to be unobtrusive and spontaneous - I capture candid images and blend in so you very quickly forget I'm here and can be yourself and enjoy the day! I mix that with some romantic shots of the two of you where I may give you some directions but that only takes ten minutes of the day and looks beautiful in the edit.


What I love? Those small moments that you may not have noticed but when captured on camera suddenly become so beautiful and special. I love making you the gorgeous protagonists of your day.

If you are looking for a dynamic, happy, romantic & touching video full of smiles, love and laughters, then we may be a good match and I would LOVE to hear from you.

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I am based at the beautiful seaside in Folkestone, Kent, but I love to film weddings everywhere in the UK!

I love what I do and I am very enthusiastic about making your special day as beautiful and smooth as possible. The happier you are, the happier I am!

I have a friendly and calm personality and you would be in good hands.

When I am not working behind a camera, I love to travel and discover new places, write film scripts, read, walk and do yoga and meditation on a daily basis. I fuel my creative thirst with films, literature, photo exhibitions & museums. I love the city but I also love and need the Nature and open spaces. Another thing, I love spending time with my loved ones - my partner, my friends and family and enjoy a homemade dinner with a glass of wine!

I would be very happy to get to know you and be a part of your wedding day.


  You may be wondering if you really need a wedding videographer as you've already got a photographer.

  Know that they are completely different but also go hand in hand.

  If you want to:

  • Re-live your ceremony with sound.

  • Re-experience the emotions of the father of the bride & groom's speech and the laughters from the best man's speech.

  • Have a way to show your wedding quickly and easily to your friends and relatives, you could get a Highlights video that they can watch online in 5 mins and feel (or feel again) your wedding atmosphere.

  • Sit down with your second half or your family and re-experience your wedding day in an entertaining way, you could watch your full-length film with a glass of wine or a cup of tea!

  • See what your guests were doing & the interactions during the day that you would have missed as you can't be everywhere at once.

  • See how you moved in your beautiful dress, how you smiled, which words you actually really used in your vows.

  • See the look on your groom as he waits for you to walk down the aisle.

  • Watch your first dance and your guests enjoying themselves on the dance floor.

  • See your guests cry and laugh.

  • Get an IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE with your wedding day memories.

  Then a wedding videographer is for you! And if you read the testimonials from the couples you will understand why even better.

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